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Why Go Rallie Verified?

  • Skyrocket Your Business
  • Stand Out on the Featured Places Map
  • Forge Trust and Build Stronger Customer Relationships
  • Receive additional in-depth metrics

Upgrade to Rallie Verified today and help your customers feel confident that they’re receiving the most accurate information, exclusive deals, and special events you have to share!

The Rallie Verified tag on your Business Profile!

  • Customers can filter for “Rallie Verified” businesses when creating their itineraries
  • The Rallie Verified tag will be highlighted on your Business Profile for all to see

Visibility on the Featured Places Map

  • The Featured Places Map averages over 36k views per month!
  • Once viewed, Business Profiles are clicked into over 30% of the the time

Performance Metrics

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly statistics showing the total number of customers generated and total converted Rallies
  • View and Click metrics on individual Deals and Events

Monthly Rallie Roulette Entries!

  • The Rallie Roulette is a monthly drawing that randomly selects one Rallie Verified business to receive a FREE Push Notification 
  • Rallie Roulette winners may use the Push Notification to share any promotions, events, or communications with nearby customers

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Contact us at [email protected] for any questions about verifying your Let’s Rallie Business Profile.